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Contribute to Decanter

What we accept

When considering new components and functionality for Decanter, we need to ensure it will serve the needs of the broader University community and does not duplicate existing functionality.

The following criteria should be met for the design of new features as well as functional enhancements:

  • Reusable, content-agnostic
  • Component/element has a clear use case
  • Expressly addresses accessibility and usability
  • Considers evolving web trends

Out of Scope for Decanter

  • Content-specific design elements

Report an issue

The Decanter team is committed to maintaining consistent, high-quality components. If you encounter any issues with the Decanter Design System in Figma, elements of the Decanter Frontend Framework, or on the documentation site, please submit an issue to our Github project and it will be added to the backlog.

The team will address bugs depending on the severity of the issue and the sprint capacity. Please include as much relevant information as possible when submitting a bug report, including steps to reproduce, urgency, and impact to help prioritize the task.

If you have a fix for the bug and would like to submit a PR for it, please reach out in Slack at #decanter or visit the Contributing to Decanter page to learn more about contribution opportunities.

Learn more about our technical contribution guidelines

Join the Decanter Design community

Our teams at Stanford Web Services and University Communication encourage contribution to the Decanter Design System. Our goal is to keep the system as succinct and simplified as possible—to provide a baseline framework for all essential elements. Achieving this requires collaboration across the University. We want this to be a living system that grows as standards and needs evolve.

Please contact us on Slack or email if you are interested in collaborating and contributing to the Decanter Design System or the Decanter Frontend Framework.

Read more about our Visual Guidelines