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Decanter was created out of a partnership between Stanford Web Services and University Communications. Technical leadership and design direction are currently provided by members of both of these teams, but we are always looking for new collaborators.

If you want to be involved in our ongoing work, please reach out to us via the #decanter channel on Slack.

We look for contributions that are:

  • Platform-agnostic
  • Maintainable
  • Reusable
  • Brand compliant
  • Accessible
  • Meet our Coding Standards

New components will be reviewed by the Decanter product team for appropriateness. The review will include at least one member from our design and technical teams.

Code submitted from contributors outside the core Decanter team will be reviewed by at least two Decanter technical team members. We are active believers in peer review, so expect questions, comments, and suggestions throughout.

If you have questions about whether your contribution is appropriate for the core Decanter, or if you should fork the project, please contact us.

Please see both our Technical Contribution Guidelines and our Visual Guidelines for more details.