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Release Notes

Version 6.0.1 2020-1-13

  • Fixed tugboat builds for previews on PRs.
  • Restored the centered-container class. Totally did not mean to remove it along with the other layouts.
  • Fixed empty cell logic in lockup.twig.
  • Fixed failing webpack build. Shea is sorry about that one.

Version 6.0.0 2019-12-20

  • Deprecated: su-aspect-ratio-1x1 & su-aspect-ratio-4x3 classes.
  • Removed all of the KSS Styleguide build in favor of new website.
  • Removed lando.default.yml as you should be using the npm servers.
  • Removed Gruntfile.js and fully switched over to npm scripts.
  • Removed webpack url-loader and added /core/dist/assets so that images are no longer embedded in the css
  • Removed /core/dist/css/decanter-grid.css as it was empty anyhow.
  • Removed /core/dist/css/decanter-no-markup.css as it was empty anyhow.
  • Removed /core/dist/js/decanter-grid.js as it was empty except for webpack stuff.
  • Removed /core/src/js/decanter-grid.js as we now use the decanter-grid.scss as our webpack entry point.
  • Removed the scss file import from /core/src/js/decanter-no-markup.js so that it includes just javascript and no sass.
  • Removed nearly all of the layouts found in /core/src/scss/layout as they added 4500 lines of css bloat that were not being used. The files and css have been moved to an examples folder.
  • Removed all the deprecated code from Version 5.
  • New Component: Secondary Navigation
  • /core/src/js/decanter.js no imports both the SASS and Javascript files.
  • New SASSDOCs code commenting conventions for all SASS files instead of abusing the KSS style.
  • New JSDOCs code commenting conventions for all JavaScript files instead of just whatever.
  • New Variant: Card Icon
  • New Examples folder for adding examples of templates/recipies/documentation/whatever.
  • New Dependency: Font Awesome because, well, it’s awesome.

Version 5.1.0 2019-10-31

  • Updated codeclimate linting settings
  • Updated nvmrc to version 11.14.0
  • Removed line length lint requirement for sass
  • Added tugboat builds
  • Fixed bug with grunt browsersync and Webpack
  • Added terms of use policy statement
  • Changed all variables to have the prefix $su-
  • Added new color function to support color maps with named colors
  • New Component: Date Stacked
  • New Component: Masthead
  • New Variant: su-card--link
  • New Variant: su-card--minimal
  • New Variant: su-global-footer--bright
  • New Variant: su-global-footer--dark
  • New Variant: su-hero--caption
  • New Variant: su-link--download
  • New Variant: su-link--internal
  • New Variant: su-link--jump
  • New Variant: su-link--video
  • New Mixin: aspect-ratio()
  • New Mixin: ie-only()
  • New Mixin: link-glyph()
  • New Mixin: link-icon()
  • New Function: breakpoint-previous
  • New Typography styles: – .su-type-a: Display Type A (used for H1 heading) – .su-type-b: Display Type B (used for H2 heading) – .su-type-c: Display Type C (used for H3 heading) – .su-type-d: Display Type D (used for H4 heading) – .su-type-e: Display Type E (used for H5 heading) – .su-type-f: Display Type F (used for H6 heading)
  • Change to @type-a and @type-b sizes at xs and sm breakpoints
  • Template Update: card.twig has new regions and variables
  • Template Update: hero.twig has new regions and variables
  • Bugfix: Main Menu CSS
  • Bugfix: Flex grid where grid classes now populate up breakpoints
  • Bugfix: whitespace issues in brand-bar.twig, global-footer.twig, link.twig, lockup.twig, logo.twig, main-nav.twig, site-search.twig
  • Deprecated: all variables that didn’t start with $su-
  • Deprecated: mixin action-link
  • Deprecated: mixin external-link
  • Deprecated: mixin more-link
  • grid-media-only mixin now does ALL
  • Modular scale now goes to 9!
  • Added fort-awesome and fonts
  • Updated npm package dependency versions
  • Updated webpack config

Version 5.0.1 2019-05-22

  • Fix CSS grid gaps not displaying on Edge issue and other minor grid related issue
  • Fix main nav color variants css selector specificity issues
  • Add drop shadow to md breakpoint mobile menu
  • Main Navigation components now fires openNav, closeNav, openSubnav, closeSubnav events
  • “More info” link icon now inherits color from the link itself
  • Adjust linter settings
  • Add favicon to style guide
  • Update README

Version 5.0.0 2019-03-27

  • New Webpack Build System
  • Two revamped and improved Grid Systems with 6 breakpoints
    • Flexbox based, class generated grid system
    • CSS Grid based mixin supported grid system
  • A modular scale system that includes both modular spacing and modular typography mixins
  • LOTS of new components and variants, including Stanford branded elements such as 20 versions of logo lockups, global footer, brand bars - check them out!
  • LOTS of new SASS/SCSS mixins, functions and placeholders to help you in your project
  • LOTS of usable Twig templates for both components and layouts
  • Revamped and refreshed the KSS theme with a new look and feel; plus new navigation
  • Moved source code from core/ to src/ to better align with Webpack projects
  • Code Climate and Linter file updates
  • Removed the generated style guide from Git
  • Moved .lando.yml to .lando.default.yml
  • Deprecated and replaced a number of Grunt commands with Webpack and NPM scripts
  • Removed the font files and put them on a CDN
  • Dropped the Atomic design structure for components to allow for less strict component creation

Version 4.1.0 2018-08-16

  • Added class-based grid system
  • Added new Flexbox grid mixins

Version 4.0.0 2018-08-09

  • Added new CSS Grid mixins
  • Added new example site layout templates levering CSS Grid mixins
  • Eliminated Neat
  • (Temporarily) eliminated class-based system with Neat (to be re-introduced using Flexbox in future point version)
  • Added LiveReload to Grunt workflow
  • Other tweaks and bug fixes

Version 3.1.0 2018-08-09

  • Added all available Source Sans Pro font styles
  • Added sensible img tag defaults
  • Fix to require kss npm package to be installed globally
  • Other small tweaks and bug fixes

Version 3.0.0 2018-05-16

  • Updated to latest stable release of Bourbon (5.0.0)
  • Added autoprefixer and postcss for better vendor prefix support

Version 2.1.0 2018-05-10

  • KSS Node generating style guide and pattern library
  • More components, variables, and mixins

Version 2.0.0 2017-12-18

  • Base HTML element styles
  • Base component styles
  • Grid system
  • Revised load order of variables, vendors, mixins, and components
  • Removed vendor code from repository
  • Introduced Atomic Design naming conventions