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Why Decanter

Our goal is to enable you — as designers, developers, web teams, and vendors — to focus time, effort, and creativity on solving challenges unique to your project. Spend your time and resources innovating, not re-creating.

Decanter can be used out of the box to create a project, or it can be extended and modified to the extent that your project needs. We believe that by sharing design and development efforts, we can co-create solutions that are elegant, usable and accessible.


Accessibility & Usability

Usability and accessibility are increasingly critical markers to the success of our Stanford websites. Decanter components have been intentionally created and vetted to meet requirements. Teams in University IT and University Communications devote time and effort to see that these areas are not just a part of our work, but fundamental to the success and acceptance criteria of each piece of Decanter.

Explore accessibility practices

Explore usability practices

Brand Compliance

Decanter has been developed in cooperation with University Communications to ensure that elements are in alignment with the Stanford Identity System.

Learn more about how Decanter is aligned with the Stanford Identity

Get Started Quickly

Even if your project is likely to go in a very different visual direction, Decanter provides foundational elements that can get you started quickly, whether it be designing layouts in Figma or implementing those designs in SASS.

What makes it quick?

  • Typography. Your typography variables exist to be tweaked and modified where you want (perhaps only necessary at the display level).
  • Color. A large palette of colors exist in code as SASS variables as well, ready to be used directly from the Stanford Identity System.
  • Identity. Headers and footers (including the brand bar, local header, local footer, and global footer) all in complete alignment with Stanford’s recommendations paired with fully tested navigation for usability and accessibility from desktop to mobile.
  • Components, the building blocks that make up so much of the content that is created for websites, including banners with overlay text, buttons, cards, and a family of icons ready for you to tweak and adjust to whatever extent your content needs.

Use Decanter for:

  • Official Stanford websites, including department, school, institutes, programs, and lab websites.
  • External facing marketing or campaign websites
  • News and communications websites

Learn more about projects that are already using Decanter