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About Decanter

Decanter is Stanford’s open source design and frontend framework for digital products and experiences. Decanter includes the resources to create user interfaces consistent with Stanford’s brand guidelines and best practices.

As a foundation for digital product development, Decanter provides a set of reusable components, style variables, design assets, and a responsive layout system that can be used in any Stanford project. Guidance for teams to efficiently build high-quality, user friendly, and accessible websites is also provided.

Decanter is made up of two elements: the Decanter Design System and the Decanter Frontend Framework.

Decanter is maintained by a core team of designers, developers, and writers at Stanford dedicated to developing and supporting the system. Are you part of the Stanford digital community? You’re invited to collaborate with the Decanter team to help evolve the system as product needs change.

Learn more about how to get started:

As a developer

As a designer

Open Source

We create Decanter to serve teams building experiences for Stanford University. The Decanter system is also available as an open source project in GitHub and NPM, and can be used for other projects without the Stanford identity components.