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Using the Stanford Identity

Aligning with the Stanford Identity using Decanter

Our goal is to make it easy for websites to use elements from the Stanford Identity and make the treatment of that identity consistent in a select number of areas.

Decanter’s tools for common identity components

All official websites across our University are strongly encouraged to have three components to align with the Stanford identity.

  • Stanford global identity bar
  • Local header
  • Stanford Global footer

Outside of these three components, we urge you to adhere to typographic recommendations and color recommendations, particularly as it impacts accessibility. In general terms, the we want you to be innovative and creative in how you interpret and express the Stanford Identity. At the same time we want to make it easy to implement those components that will identify your site as part of the Stanford web ecosystem and provide better usability across all of Stanford’s websites.

Explore our Identity + Design elements

Typography, color, and more

The team at University Communications has documented all of the tools, best practices, and guidance on the Stanford Identity website.

Learn more about the Stanford Identity

Decanter components

Our Decanter Design System is fully outfitted with components that complement the core elements of the Stanford Identity.

Explore our Components