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Our building blocks…

Decanter components are a set of documented and accessible templates, SASS, and JavaScript. You can use them in a bootstrap like fashion by copying the HTML and CSS in to the correct places, or you can deeply integrate them with your build process.

Check out the Get Started page for more on how to use the Decanter code.

Check out the As a Designer page for more on how to use the Decanter design assets.

See what’s currently available:

Identity Components

Decanter provides components that are used to identify your website with the Stanford identity. These components should be used for projects affiliated specifically with Stanford University.

View Identity components

Simple Components

Foundational or structural components and are often the building blocks for the composite components, e.g., buttons.

View simple components

Composite Components

Components made up of nested components or have more moving parts, e.g., cards and navigation menus.

View composite components

Don’t see what you are looking for? Check out our contributing page for more information on how you can help or request features.