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Supported Versions & EOL

The Decanter team supports the most recent version and one back. The current version will be fully supported until the day the next major version is released. At that point the previous version will go into bug and accessibility fix-only support for one year.

For example, if the current major version is 6.0.0 and version 7.0.0 is released next week, version 7.0.0 will become the new fully supported version and version 6.0.0 will go into bugfix and accessibility support for one year. Version 5.0.0 will then be marked as deprecated and no longer supported.

Current Stable Release: 6

Supported Versions

Version 5 release date: Mar 27, 2019
Version 5 end of life: Dec 20, 2020

Version 6 release date: Dec 20, 2019
Version 6 end of life: TBD

Version 7 release date: TBD See work in progress

Upcoming Version 7

The upcoming version 7 will have a major overhaul to the very core of Decanter. We will be switching to use a new tool and methodology called TailwindCSS. We will strive to deprecate and create backwards compatibility where we can, but with major versions and major change some things may break.

The good news is that with the plans for the new Version 7 release, we should be able to be much more compatible with javascript based apps like those built on React, Vue, or Angular, for example.