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As a Developer

Start Using Decanter

The resources below should help you get started using Decanter in your project.

Get started

Learn more about getting started using Decanter in your project

Build tools

Learn more about the build tools we use for Decanter.

Learn more about build tools used in the Decanter frontend framework

SASS documentation (SASSDocs)

Read documentation about what functions, variables, mixins, and placeholders are available for you to use in Decanter.

Read our SASSDocs

Javascript documentation (JSDocs)

Learn more about the javascript used by Decanter.

Read our JSDocs

Browser compatibility

Learn what browsers are supported by Decanter.

Learn more about Decanter browser compatibility

Code standards

Learn more about our code standards and review process.

Learn more about code standards

Giving back

If you are interested in contributing code back to Decanter,

Learn more about our Technical Contribution Guidelines