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Welcome to the Decanter Style Guide and Pattern Library

Decanter is a web design and development system for Stanford University. It includes a responsive layout system and a browsable collection of design patterns that can be used in any Stanford project

Use Decanter version 6.0

Get started

Learn about how to use Decanter components with our onboarding guides, tailored to designers or developers.

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Who should use Decanter?

Decanter is an open source design system and frontend framework, intended for use by Stanford University teams and vendors creating websites and other digital products.

See if Decanter is right for you

Explore our design styles + components

From typography and color, to buttons, rows of cards, and the brand bar, Decanter builds foundational design elements into thoughfully crafted components allowing your content to be displayed exactly the way you want.

Explore brand + design elements

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Decanter Design System

Familiarize yourself with our foundational styles, components, and naming conventions using the Decanter Design System in Figma.

Learn about the Decanter Design System

Developer Documentation

From coding standards to best practices, build tools, documentation, and browser compatibility. Get what you need to use and contribute to Decanter.

Review developer documention

Contribute to Decanter

The Decanter team welcomes contributions from the community. Learn how to become a pilot contributor.

Help build Decanter

Feedback + Support

There are various ways to connect with the Decanter community. Find out how to get support, submit bug report and request features.

Connect with the Decanter community

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